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"To inspire and develop companies' digital potential with the aim of making the world more sustainable for future generations"

High-end expertise for your needs

  • Development of new software
    New software or a prototype. Based on your needs, we design, develop and deliver a completely customized solution.
  • Digitization, optimization or maintenance
    Product or company digitalisation, optimization and system maintenance. We help with everything from digitization strategy to  improve or further develop your current IT infrastructure, based on, and adapted to your needs with efficiency, productivity and the company's growth in mind.  
  • Scale up development teams
    Scale and expand your team. We can scale up or expand your current development team with our experts or provide full teams of architects and developers.

Our most important task is to understand your business and provide the sparring that leads both parties to the right solution. You will always experience the same contact person who knows exactly your business, which helps to create security, understanding and quality for you as a customer. We want to act as your trusted advisor in the digital world.

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  • Whether your challenge is the development of new software, digitization, product-business optimization or the freedom to scale your development team, N3O's experts will be able to help.
  • Assembling the right team, with the right skills, can be time-consuming and expensive, whether the task is the development of new software or the optimization of your current IT landscape. Typically, we find this to be the reason for delays in IT projects, which ultimately cost the company a lot of money. Furthermore, the development needs are variable, which makes scaling up and down the development team very expensive, but it is often necessary. Overall, it can result in delays or even prevent the initiation of IT projects, thus reducing the company's growth potential.

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Customized software
Scaling up development teams
Digitization, product or company optimization
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"We want to be the preferred partner in the Nordics within digital development and innovation, delivering quality solutions to companies that strive for the optimal value for their investment"

  • Our workshop is tailored to help you gain a deeper understanding of your IT challenges and allow you to benefit from our expertise and experience. Through an     interactive and engaging session, our team of specialists will engage in dialogue with you to uncover your exact needs and wishes.
  • We will discuss various methods and solutions that may be relevant to you. We will introduce you to our previous projects which can inspire and help solve the challenges you are facing. Our goal is to ensure that you are fully able to utilize the latest technologies and IT solutions to achieve your business goals. The workshop will also act as a forum for discussing any questions or concerns you may have. We believe that open communication and a trusting dialogue are essential to building a long-term cooperation which meets both your needs and expectations.
  • So, if you want to talk about how you can improve your IT infrastructure and achieve greater efficiency and productivity, do not hesitate to register for our free workshop. We look forward to meeting and helping you realize your potential through better IT solutions and support. Do not hesitate to contact us for further     information and registration.